Sunday, September 12, 2010

What a weekend

So this has been a glorious northern weekend.... beautiful weather, beautiful colours..... oh and wait...... the stomach flu.  We dealt with Josie's all night bout of the stomach flu on Thursday night ... to skip Friday and have it hit me on Saturday. This is when I mention how lucky I am .... my looovely husband is great in this department... He does the sleep in's with the puking child whilst I sleep in order to b e functionable the next day.... he handles the buckets, the rinsing, the facecloths for the face... the support a 5 year old needs while hurling all night! As well I feel lucky because he was off on Friday in order for all of us to havea bit of a lazy day inside.... then Saturday hit..... I was a bag of bones... layed in bed most of the day and suffered..... my great hubby again saved the day this time with some great parenting and perfect kid out of house distractions. So now is is Sunday, we all feel good and had a great ridge walk and fall air fun! Later we will go to the campground take out for one last time this summer before it closes..... then there is no more eating out in Carmacks.
I will get older tomorrow and i am okay with this. I think I am wiser for having done my 1st year in the North. As we head into another long Yukon Winter I am very proud to be starting some baby mocassins, learning how to bead on deer hide, and trying to learn some of the skills the people here have been doing for centuries.

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  1. Ohhh!! A new blog! :)

    That stomach flu sounds horrible... Glad you have such a fantastic hubby to help you through it.

    We have driven from Faro to Carmacks just to have lunch at the Coal Mine!!