Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I have recently started burning a candle again! It is somethiing from my pre-kiddie life that i remember loving! I don't like really stinky ones. The one I have going right now is a nice vanilla one... not too strong.... fally, warming, glowy, and has a cute little piece of jute string around it. Another thing I love about this candle is that I remember where I got it! My best friend Natalie gave it to me for Christmas 3 years ago. At that time I thought i couldnt burn a canlde.... kids could get it.... than I got another kid, and there wasno time to burn a candle..... soo I have carted it from PEI to the Yukon in the hopes I could burn it. So it sat on the shelf in my bedroom, so hopeful loooking.... the little jute string smiling at me.... until a week ago.....  I said I am gonna light that candle.... I put it right in the living room, up high of course, and lit it! My room got warm, I thought of my friends, i adored the smell, and guess what?? Those little people I worried about touching it, burning themselves, bugging the idea of  my candle......didn't even bother it.... seriously they don't know its there.....
So my 40 hour candle is goina on about 20 hours now.... and I have ordered another online... a gingerbread scent.... I am loving having the candle back in my life!

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