Monday, October 11, 2010


So I get a parcel in the mail the other day, actually addressed to my 5 year old daughter, and inside is a melange of goodies from my momma! Amongst the mish mash of note paper (for Josie to write a letter back to  Mom on) and socks for Alex there are 4 pillowcases. Only can your mother get away with mailing you pillowcases. 2 of these pillowcases are from my childhood.... a sesame street one and the one my mom made me when I went into a big girl bed! It has all my families names on it and some cute pictures! As well there are two white pillowcases with sheep on them. So i immediately opened them up and was going to throw them down to the laundry when I noticed my mom's signature iron marks (yes she irons pillowcases) and then I had to go in for a smell..... yup...... it smelled like home..... I teared up (as I am now thinking about it) and decided not to wash them right away.... what coulda happened to them across 7500kms of Canada post! I have freshly mailed pillowcases on my bed now along with Yukon air dried sheet...... I hope I dream about things far and wide tonight