Sunday, June 26, 2011

Adding it up, looking forward

So I have been thinking alot about my children's education...... I guess this is what parents do?? Right??
I realise that in 2 years I do not know where I will live or where my children will go to school???!!!! This is crazy.... but this is th elife of the RCMP family.
Then I added up what has happened to my children so far...
little Josie was born in the valley of NS, to stay there for a few years before her daddy got the itch to join the RCMP. From there we lucked out and went to PEI!! Jackpot.... We had baby Alex there in Charlottetown, and then got an itch..... We packed up that 3.5 year old and that tiny baby boy and drove to the Yukon!! Carmacks Yukon was my daughters first school (I can't imagine what she will think looking back on this later in her life!!) Now as we sit in Josie's 4th house and ALex's 3rd in Faro Yukon we wonder where we will go next....
I went from living in 1 house my entired life (with the exception of university apartments)  to jumping around the countryside and loving life!!! Take life by the horns.... and then wonder where you will go next!!!!

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