Friday, June 24, 2011

Nightime not dark trips to the health center!

So I have only been a parent for 5 years and about 300 days and in this time there has been one single thing that would scare me more than anything else.... my children having trouble breathing......
 I check in on my kiddies each night before bed and lastnight noticed Alex was squirmy and struggling to breath in his deep sleep... this weirded me out.  I  called for tim to come in and see and we got him up and checked him out and then layed him back down on his request. He continued to breath poorly.... laboured, struggly (word?). So i said I am calling the nurse.... Tim said not to bother her...  I bothered her.  She told us to come down to the health center... so at midnight... nice and brightly lit up Yukon midnight i bundled my confused little boy up and drove him (unbuckled....) to the health center to meet the nurse. The following is what i encountered;
A very welcoming, unjudging, supportive,helpful, compassionate, caring lady who acted as if she wanted to do nothing else but help my son in the middle of the night.  As a parent you never want to feel stupid about decisions you make regarding your children's health and taking a kid to the nurse for a cold is always so embarrassing but she never let on that she was bothered. She took her time, talked to us, yes talked to Alex, was caring and gentle and made me trust my intuition about what is normal and not normal regarding children. I learned alot from her.... and had to teach my husband that although he gets called out in the night for much different things, this ladies job was exactly what I ahd called her out for this beautiful Yukon night. 
So as Alex and I left the health center a mere hour later (yep an hour from call to release!!!! ) he was alittle more awake, had been treated for his breathing, and proclaimed as we went outside "lookadat Mommy its dawk outside" I giggled as I realise he probably can't remember the last time he saw the dark (oh and it wasnt really dark it was like dusk).

Thank you health care workers. You make us believe in care and compassion and that with a little attention you can teach and treat and empower us parents!!!!

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